We Support Lubbock's Growth

As a team and business, living and working in Lubbock, nothing gives us greater pleasure than seeing Lubbock boom with jobs, homes, and new families. Currently, we have been focusing on the growth fueled by the Loop 88 project. Loop 88 is going to bring more people, jobs, and opportunities to the already growing South Lubbock area. Many of our current residential and commercial properties are in areas with easy access to the future expansion of Loop 88.


We have chosen to invest in residential and commercial growth because we know that access to community amenities like grocery stores, restaurants, and schools not only make residents' lives better, but gives a true sense of community. Our mixed-use developments and communities with homes at multiple price points create diverse neighborhoods that feel like home.

Communities We Would Live In Created By Builders We Trust

As property developers, we know that trustworthy and talented builders can make or break a community. Bottom line: we are not choosing a builder that we wouldn't trust to build a home for our team members.


We not only look at builder track records, we also look for builders who use innovative techniques and imagination to build beautiful homes. Whether you choose a custom build or ready to buy home, you can expect high end features, good construction, and innovation.


We know that Lubbock is a growing community. The Loop 88 expansion, new community schools like Lubbock-Cooper East Elementary, and the continually growing number of home permits issued in Lubbock back that up. But for us, Lubbock is more than a place to do business. Lubbock is home.

When we plan communities and developments in Lubbock, we're doing our part to ensure purposeful and planned growth in a place we love and call home. So, we want to invite you to look at our residential and commercial properties and see where you can grow with us.

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